Windsurfing Rental & Lessons - Pricelist

Nissakia Surf Club deals with windsurfing and water sports since 1989 and we give you the opportunity to learn windsurfing, from advanced windsurfing's instructors, suitable for all levels and family friendly. We offer rental equipment.

Here you will find everything worth knowing about your preferred sport, and, if you are still a complete novice in this area, you can be sure of discovering a deep and lasting passion for water sports, a passion we have all been seized with. For us, it is a way of life.

The equipment of rental and lessons are models of 2014.

15 €
40 €
20 €
50 €
Board & Ring
25 €
70 €
All inclusive:
35 €
90 €
35 € hour,
advanced 50 €

included Equipment
(board & ring),
wetsuit and instructor.

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